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99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne | Book Review

Source: DailyWaffle

ARC provided by the publisher for review 99 Percent Mine Isn’t the Hating Game and Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing Sally Thorne’s follow up to the Hating Game, 99 Percent Mine, has a sunshine yellow cover with purple text, but that bright cover doesn’t totally match up with story. Thorne’s latest has a totally different vibe. It opens in a biker bar. Heroine Darcy Barrett is a twin who’s lived in her brother Jamie’s golden boy shadow. She’s more fishnets and combat boots than an aqua bodycon dress. She perpetually takes off to avoid dealing with life when things get tough. Now Darcy has to curb her wanderlust and oversee renovation of the cottage she and Jamie just inherited from their grandmother. Their childhood neighbor and Jamie’s best friend Tom Valeska turns up as lead contractor on the job. And no matter where she’s traveled, no one has ever measured up to Tom. Thorne’s forté is quirky heroines, but where The Hating Game’s Lucy Hutton was Smurfs and strawberries, Darcy is boudoir photos and custom underwear embroidered with snarky sayings across the butt. She’s quirky, but a badass. She’s also a little bit destructive tendencies and sadness. She crushes bro-ey […]

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