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MY FAVORITE HALF-NIGHT STAND by Christina Lauren | 4-Star Review

Source: DailyWaffle

Review copy provided by the publisher Christina Lauren Keeps It Sexy as Their Rom-Coms Evolve In MY FAVORITE HALF-NIGHT STAND, Millie Morris and Reid Campbell are two friends in a group of academics on the faculty at UC Santa Barbara. With the commencement banquet on the horizon, the gang decides to dive into dating apps. But in the midst of getting their profiles set up and testing the waters, Millie and Reid end up sleeping together. I’d call it accidental, but we both know, right?  After getting a bunch of less than desirable matches (read: D pix), Millie creates a new profile, “Catherine,” and finds herself matched with Reid. As Catherine, Millie is able to open up more with Reid. And as things progress, Millie ends up being jealous…of herself. My Favorite Half-Night Stand has echoes of Lauren’s Wild Seasons series — a group of friends, California setting, friends getting involved — but I love that it’s set in a college town and focused on the faculty, not the students. (Hit the bricks, Shaylene). I love that Millie teaches criminology instead of some field more typically associated with women. Christina Lauren has hit a sweet spot in their writing, coupling […]

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