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Mix Up Your Chex Mix with Peatos

Source: DailyWaffle

Chex Mix has been a family holiday tradition my entire life, and probably even before I was around. My aunt used to make it with the requisite Chex cereal, mixed nuts, pretzels and wheat nuts (which I’m not even sure exist anymore). We’ve never been a garlic bagel chip or Cheez-It, or Goldfish family. But this year, I’m mixing up our Chex Mix a bit and trying some new additions. I can now confirm Chex Mix with Peatos Fiery Hot is a delicious decision. Peatos are a pea and lentil-based snacked aimed to offer a healthier alternative to Cheetos. I taste-tested them back in August, around the time they were coming on strong with an aggressive tagline about Tigers living longer than Cheetahs. I tried both the Classic Cheese and Fiery Hot flavors and opted to add the Fiery Hot to this year’s Chex Mix.  Usually our Chex Mix includes corn, rice and wheat Chex, but wheat is always the last to go, so I skipped them this time. I’m thinking I’ll add both Peatos and Inca corn to the next batch. Peatos are available in the produce section at stores including Baker’s, City Market, Dillons, Food 4 Less, Foods Co, […]

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