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FIREWORKS by Sarina Bowen | Book Review

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ARC provided by the author’s publicist for review FIREWORKS Is the Sweet and Sizzling Sixth Installment in Sarina Bowen’s True North series They say you can’t go home again. In  FIREWORKS by Sarina Bowen, Skylar Copeland left Colebury, Vermont 12 years ago and never looked back. But after an on-air gaffe at her TV job, she’s put on leave and finds herself back for a weekend with her stepsister, Rayanne, who promptly steals her rental car and ditches her at a rest stop. Rayanne’s gotten tied up in her ex-cop stepfather’s drug business. Skylar isn’t left totally high and dry, she has instructions to get to town to go look for someone she’s avoided for 12 years, Benito Rossi. The old feelings surface almost immediately in spite of Skylar’s best efforts. With no car and really no choice, Skylar sticks around to track down Rayanne and try to help her get out of whatever trouble she’s gotten into. Benito, now in Vermont law enforcement, invites her to stay with him (eyebrow waggle). Hello, second chance romance with a dash of romantic suspense. FIREWORKS is a bit of departure for Sarina Bowen. Skylar isn’t cut from the same cloth as most of […]

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