What are we doing here?

Over the last couple years I’ve received or stumbled on a lot of great self help, advice, DIY, ecology, finance, animal care, crafts, news, and ‘homesteading’ links.

Never had a good place to share that all stuff together other than Facebook so I decided to re-purpose this website for that content.

This is mostly a place for ‘links and snippets’ of great content that my friends and family like. Slightly organized – slightly not. But it is what it is.

Some content is just ‘onetime’ ‘links and snippets’ type articles from other sites pulled in to here after I find it. Others are from Atom or RSS feeds from Facebook Pages and websites my friends and I like.

If you have a comment or suggestion let me know.


Oh, if you see something familiar here, you’re probably right. You might have suggested it to me originally….. or just maybe it came from your own web site or social media.




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